Monday, April 21, 2014


16" x 21.5"
I have just a mixture of things to share today!

I recently finished this little bow tie doll quilt. It is a printed patchwork ("cheater" print) which is a good thing as the blocks are only two inches! Now I have an example of a cheater quilt in  my growing collection of styles in doll quilt size.
Of course, these little quilts are nice for table toppers or wall decor until the right little girl and her dolly come along!

I chose the simplest possible treatment to finish this one. I machine quilted along the 'faux' seamlines between blocks and brought the back to the front, top-stitching in place by machine.

Here's the most recent addition to my vintage quilt collection. I found it on the way from Arizona to Minnesota last month. I don't know for sure what about it attracted me to it but I just liked it! Notice the placement of light and dark value blocks......c. 1945

The blocks with darker fabrics paired  (instead of a light and dark)  are set around three of the edges forming a wide visual border. It is hand pieced and hand quilted.  Along two sides pieced squares have been added.
 As my friend said, 'It may have been more aesthetically pleasing without that blue and white block... but I'm glad it's there!" I gives us something to ponder!

The backing is mostly the aqua print but there wasn't quite enough so she has put a band of the white print at both the top and the bottom.  The size of the pieces she has seamed together may mean she used feed sacks.

...and I found two little articles of children's clothing I couldn't pass up...

Isn't this a sweet little dress? The amount of work put into a garment for such a young child is amazing to me. Bias trim, lace and little button closures.
Several pieces of fabric have been pieced together to get enough for the back!

 ...and  a precious little 'romper' in blue chambray and a woven plaid. I do mean little. It measures only 12" long.  Again, the detail; matched plaids on the front of the collar, a little pocket, pleated 'tie' and elasticized puffy sleeves. What the moms of that day wouldn't have given for the knit 'onesies' of today! I bet the babies would prefer them too. It doesn't even have snaps at the crotch! Yikes.

Both the dress and romper have hand made button holes.

Rompers or playsuits like this were popular wear for children the first half of the 20th century. 

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  1. Nice you found a treasure on your way North. Great little garments. Thank you for showing some of the construction details on the clothes.

  2. Interesting post- love your antique find. That quilt is very pleasing somehow. The blue is something to ponder indeed. But I like it.

  3. I loved seeing the baby clothes and it was neat to see a drawing of a similar item. Were those antique shop finds?

  4. Laurel, Yes. the vintage quilt and the children's clothing were all from an antique store.


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