Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pincushions - Fun Functionality

13" long 
Here's the newest addition to my pincushion collection.
A Christmas gift this year from a dear friend, she actually put it together from vintage components - from the elongated form of an old base, to the fabric showing through the vintage Hardanger needlework on the top.
Read more about this technique here.

The final touch of intricate vintage lace trim with dangling bobbles around the entire edge makes it extra fancy.

I've put a few hat pins in now for prettiness but I do intend to use it.

I discovered I have a few more in this style:
all have crocheted tops....

Click here for a link to an interesting blog with some pincushion history and more examples.

I'll share more from my collection in a future post. 
Do you collect pincushions?

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  1. I love your beautiful hand crocheted pin cushions. So pretty! Nice collection.


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