Sunday, July 21, 2013

Okay. I Lied.

So much for writing more often now that I'm retired. Why do I even say those things? I meant well....
I am getting other stuff done.

Here's my latest completed project....It's called Mexican Star - a pattern by Southwind Designs.
I kept seeing this made up at quilt shows and I liked I bought the pattern. That was several years ago. Year after year I would tell my sister I had that pattern whenever we saw it at a quilt show.

Finally she said, "Yes. I think you've mentioned that every year!" Ouch.
Well, today I publicly thank her for that nudge. She got me going.

I started it in January, 2012 while in Arizona with encouragement and some fabric sharing from my friend, Lynn.

I had purchased the background batik early on but choosing the rest of the fabrics was difficult.
I admit to not much liking following complicated directions and diagrams.

This one also involved turning back an edge and topstitching to get that curved look.

I machine quilted it ---stitch, turn, stitch...I am not comfortable with free-motion so this took awhile but I am pleased with it. I used a very light tone variegated aurifil and a nylon mono-filament in some places.
I marked some areas with the turquoise wash-out marker. I was nervous but did soak the whole thing when done to be sure that marker was out.

I put a sleeve on the bottom and inserted a yardstick to help it hang nicely in the changing gallery of my dinette wall.

Have any of you made this one, too? least you have the pattern?


  1. This turned out beautifully. I wondered about that curved look, and your info and close-up reveal how it was done. Got any other patterns hanging around for year? Don't mention them to your sister!

    1. Nancy - what kind of question is that? hahaha...yes....I do have a few patterns hanging around but you won't tell, will you?


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