Friday, May 6, 2011

Shoe Store Quilt

Just a quick show n' tell since I mentioned finding quilts in unusual places in my last post. This graphic old quilt is hanging on a wall at an SAS shoe store in Arizona. 

The employees couldn't give me any information about it but I was glad to see that someone felt it was worthy of display. Too many quilts are spending their golden years tucked away in dark closets or worse. 

What do you think about the date? My close-up shots are not very helpful, I'm afraid.

I'm doing something interesting with an old top right now - more details soon!


  1. Hi Jean! That is a really cool quilt. I am not an expert, but I have done tons of reading, etc about old fabrics (since I LOVE old/vintage quilts). Solid fabrics are hard to date, however, the print fabrics look like the quilt could be from the early 1900's with the shirting materials. Just a guess. I wonder if the shoe store people have any idea the quilt they have displayed is probably over a hundred years old!! I hope it is in a spot it does not get direct sunlight. Otherwise, I agree...I love that it is being displayed. Can you imagine the maker of that quilt if she knew it was going to end up as art in a shoe store?!!

    Happy Quilting!
    Deb from

  2. I agree Deb. I think it is faded already. I know it's been there at least 2 yrs. - it's not right near a window but florescent lighting is a problem, I'm sure. Ideally it would get a 'break' now and then. But being what looks more like a utility quilt than a 'best' quilt I am okay with seeing it used. I believe in being sensible and being good caretakers of all my quilts but I also believe textiles have a life....they don't last forever and some of my favorite ones are very definitely 'used' and all the more attractive to me because of it!

  3. Maybe an older top, more recently quilted than the prints date?
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dawn - just wondering why you speculate about later quilting on this one...I didn't see anything to indicate that. jean


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